About Tron Solar

Tron Solar is a Chicago-land solar energy provider for homeowners and commercial properties.

Having helped hundreds of Illinois homeowners convert to solar energy, we have successfully reduced families' reduce power bills and save them money by converting to solar energy. We take pride in using the best quality products available in the market and our excellent customer service experience.

Founded by Lester Gray in January 2018, Tron Solar has quickly established itself as one of the leading solar energy companies in Illinois. The company is manned by 20 employees and is located in Buffalo Grove, IL.

Tron Solar offers a variety of solar energy services in Illinois, ranging from residential solar panel installation to commercial solar ground mounts. Other services and products include free custom designs and consultations, customized engineering, tree removal, roofing remodeling and replacement, residential ground mounts, commercial installations, solar energy purchase plan agreements, lease options and more.

Our goal at Tron Solar is effectively reduce homeowner's and commercial property owner's power bills and save them thousands of dollars over time. We believe in a clean, green, sustainable future with renewable energy and are pleased to be part of the bigger picture of making the world a better place.

Tron Solar has corporate partnerships with a number of renewable energy companies, ranging from Tesla, LG, Vivint, SunRun, Sunpower, Chicago Clean Energy Authority and more. We believe in partnering with those who are working toward making the world's energy cleaner and more sustainable.

Tron Solar believes in treating customers as our number one priority, making sure all their needs are met and the solar process is smooth and stress-free. Our company is set apart from others through our excellent product quality, integrity, character and customer service. We only want the best for you and will ensure you have a great solar experience.

Our company values transparency and effective communication throughout the solar energy process. From the moment you say yes to the moment your system gets turned on, you can expect to be with you every step of they way.

Tron Solar's warranties, production guarantee, and maintenance of solar panels makes it an easy choice to go with Tron. We take care of our customer's systems and make sure that if anything goes wrong, we fix it right away.
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What People Are Saying...

John Deram says:

"Even in the most recent month, watching my power bill get cut by 65% just for that month makes me only go, 'Can't wait for June, July and August when you get a full day of sun....'"

John Grospe says:

"I gave you 10/10 for your service. My wife is very happy and already calling friends giving a good word about solar. Thank you again!" 
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