Frequently Asked Questions:
How much maintenance do solar panels require?
Solar panels require very little maintenance. The reason for this is because rain naturally cleanses the panels from dirt, build up, clutter, leaves, thick coating and much more. Worried about snow? While solar panels can be blocked from receiving sunlight because of snow build up, sun-rays typically melt the snow within one to two days. The heat your home produces also contributes to melting the snow. In cases like this, our power production guarantee comes into effect - if you're panels are being blocked by the sun for any reason, your home will still have power because it's still connected to the grid. Give us a call if you need any maintenance help and we will come fix it for you immediately.
How many solar panels will my home or property need?
The amount of solar panels you will need depends on many different factors. How much sun your roof gets, the angle of your roof, your climate, azimuth, how much power your home uses per month and more factors all go into the size of your system. To get a free custom design and estimate, visit to get started!
How does Tron Solar compare to other companies?
Tron Solar has been in the Chicago-land market for over a year and we have quickly established ourselves as one of the leading Solar Energy providers in Illinois. We have completed hundreds of solar installations and are partnered with Tesla, LG, Vivint, SunRun, Sunpower, Chicago Clean Energy Authority, Windsoleil and more.
What happens if I move?
This is one of our most common questions and rightfully so. With solar, there is no downside to moving. The new homeowner will completely take over your solar system payments and any other responsibilities you have with solar. We have a dedicated team ready to assist you every step of the way with this.
What if my solar panels don't produce enough energy?
If you're solar panels aren't producing what we promised they would, we'll pay you the difference. Your home will still have power thanks to our production guarantee. A production guarantee simply means that your home is still connected to the grid in case anything goes wrong. This way, your home will still have power.
Can I get credits from my power production with Tron Solar?
If you produce more power than you use, your Net Meter will keep track of this. Chances are, you will overproduce in the summer and under produce in the winter. Because of this, your system will work hand-in-hand with the grid to give and take energy as you need. In the months you overproduce, ComEd will take that energy and send it elsewhere. In the months you underproduce, ComEd will give back the energy you overproduced. It works as a give-and-take system. 
How can solar panels get enough sun in the midwest?
Whether it's Arizona or Illinois, solar panels require one thing to work - sun. They do not run on heat. So regardless of temperature, if there is sunlight shining on your solar panels, they will be producing enough energy to power your home. The only time they aren't producing power is if there is no sunlight shining on them. We strategically setup your system to optimize its sun intake and get the most power possible for your home so it will always have power, regardless of how much sun it gets.
How long does the process take to go solar?
From your yes to your system up-and-running, the process takes between 8-12 weeks. We handle all permitting, designs, engineering, roof approval, installation and more so you won't have to lift a finger. Installation of the solar panels on your property takes 1-2 days. We pride ourselves in excellent customers service to make going solar for you a smooth and seamless process that is 100% stress free.
Do I really no longer pay a power bill if I go solar?
One of the best things about solar is the savings! Whatever your electric bill is, we will exchange that with a lower monthly power bill that goes toward paying off your solar panel system. Once the system is paid off, you no longer pay for the energy your home uses from your solar panels. To see what your new power bill would be, get a free custom design and consultation at!
What are the monetary incentives and how do they work?
Solar Renewable Energy Credits:

Residential: REC’s are a state incentive, whose value is equal to the solar energy you produce over 15 years times the price set by the Illinois Power Agency for REC’s. For your system, the value is 7.1 cents/kWh produced, which is paid in year one. Please note this is an incentive which is subject to tax.

Commercial: REC’s are a state incentive, whose value is equal to the solar energy you produce over 15 years times the price set by the Illinois Power Agency for REC’s. For commercial customers, this is paid out over 5 years, and the REC value varies based on the size of the solar system. Please note this is an incentive which is subject to tax.

Federal Income Tax Credit (FITC)Taxpayers can claim a Federal Income Tax Credit (FITC) of 30% for qualified expenditures on a solar system that provides electricity to their residence (owned and lived in by the taxpayer). For more information, see
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