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There's never been a better time to go solar.
What you should know about solar now:
Solar Savings
Want to avoid those increasing electric company rates and instead LOWER your power bill? With solar, that is exactly what will happen!
OWN Your Energy
With our $0 down plan, you not only lower your power bill, but you save thousands of $$$ by owning your own energy with our purchase plan.
Government Incentives
The Federal government and ComEd are PAYING homeowners to go solar through SRECs. That means you get cut a check to help pay for your electricity.
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How exactly do you save money?
  •  The State of Illinois and ComEd will PAY you to go solar
  •  You get to exchange the majority of your ever-increasing power bill for a FIXED monthly payment toward your solar panel system
  •  Once your system is paid off, you'll have the opportunity to OWN your energy and stop paying the majority of your power bill
  •  It's $0 money down! No up-front costs!
  •  You get to save thousands of dollars by saying NO to ComEd and taking back control of your energy
  •  Get a 100% FREE consultation with one of our solar experts by filling out the form below!
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Why Tron Solar?
  • Customer Service: Our team is dedicated to making your solar process our number one priority. Seamless and smooth, you can expect no headaches.
  • Reliable: Our solar panels are high-grade, durable products that come with a 35-year warranty.
  • Flexibility: Our lease and purchase plans have excellent financing options so you can see savings right away and for years to come.
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