How Exactly Does The Solar Process Work?
Step 1: Meet With A Solar Expert
In this FREE consultation (over-the-phone or in person), you'll understand:
  • Your Custom Solar Design - This will show you where your panels would go on your roof and what they'll look like.
  • Your Financial Savings - You'll be walked through exactly how much money you can save and what your new power bill would be.
  • Your Environmental Impact - We'll break down how you would be positively impacting the environment to make the world a better place.
  • Answers To Your Questions - We're fully prepared to answer any questions you have so you understand exactly how solar works.
  • AND Much More!...
Step 2: Final Design and Solar Panel Installation
Once you approve your final solar design, we will install your solar panel system. This is a 1 to 2 day process - we handle all permitting, HOA regulations and everything else so you can have your system up and running in no time.
Step 3: City Inspection
Your city or suburb will inspect and approve your solar panel system, ensuring that it is ready to be turned on. We'll take care of this for you.
Step 4: Power ON!
Once your system is approved by your city or suburb, it will be powered on and you're now on your way to helping the environment and saving money!
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What People Are Saying...

John Deram says:

"Even in the most recent month, watching my power bill get cut by 65% just for that month makes me only go, 'Can't wait for June, July and August when you get a full day of sun....'"

John Grospe says:

"I gave you 10/10 for your service. My wife is very happy and already calling friends giving a good word about solar. Thank you again!" 
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