Meet Our Team


Lester Gray

Lester Gray is the Chief Executive Officer at Tron Solar. He oversees all business strategy -- including product management, operations, installations, sales and vision of the company. Lester has been in Professional sales for 14 years and started in the solar industry in 2013 in San Diego.


Arnel Catic

Arnel Catic is the Chief Operations Officer at Tron Solar. As COO Arnel is responsible for the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the company. His decade long operations experience includes Director of Operations at and Operations Management Trainee at Thomas Cuisine Management.

Preston Fewkes

Preston Fewkes is the Installation Superintendent for Tron Solar. Preston studied at Salt Lake Community College and is from East Layton, Utah. He specializes in management and coordination of solar energy installation systems, crews and electricians.


Landen Myers

Landen Myers is the Operations Manager at Tron Solar. Overseeing all installation projects in place for our customers, Landen ensures the customer has a smooth and seamless process going solar from start to finish.


Jason Clover

Jason Clover is the Installation Manager here at Tron Solar. While overseeing all installation operations for our residential projects, Jason ensures your solar installation is held up to our excellent standard of quality and performance. 

Ricky Lelito

Ricky Lelito is the Director of Marketing at Tron Solar. Ricky oversees brand growth & development, marketing, digital media and advertising. Ricky formerly worked in Product Management for Bosch Power Tools and Marketing for Culligan. He also has a degree from Marquette University.


Alex Orlowski

Alex Orlowski is the Assistant Sales Manager at Tron. He plays a key role in revenue-generating activities for the sales department and has multiple years of experience in management and sales. Alex also was the 2nd highest grossing energy consultant on the Eastern side of the United States.


Kathleen Sarnowski

Kathleen Sarnowski is the Operations Manager at Tron Solar and has over 25 years of Business Operations Management experience both from Banking/Investments and the Healthcare Industries. She has a passion for organizational process improvement, and owned her own Consulting business, where she designed and implemented highly efficient and functional spaces for homes and businesses.

Tim Quinlivan

Tim Quinlivan oversees the Commercial Solar Energy Department for Tron Solar. He is responsible for determining if solar is a smart move for commercial and industrial properties as well as oversees project management for commercial installations.


Dallas Hopkins

Dallas is the Lead Generation Manager at Tron Solar. He began his journey helping homeowners achieve solar panels back in 2015. After that he began as a loan officer and gained an immense amounts of knowledge dealing with loans and helping homeowners achieve ownership. 


Laine Weiss

Laine Weiss is the Design Manager at Tron Solar. Laine is responsible for leading all solar panel design projects for residential and commercial properties, and has background in customer service and project management.

Giray Emsun

Giray is Tron Solar's Customer Service Manager. Helping customer's with questions and needs while assisting in project management, Giray is here to answer all your questions! 


Mike Lelito

Mike Lelito is a Marketing Specialist for Tron Solar. He specializes in Google and YouTube advertising as well social media growth and development. He also played basketball for Marquette University from 17'-19'.

Dominic Fortuna

Dominic Fortuna is a Lead Generation Specialist for Tron Solar. Dominic is partners with our non-profit partner, Chicago Clean Energy Authority, and helps qualify and consult homeowners for solar energy on their property.


Adam Maes

Adam Maes is a Customer Service Specialist for Tron. His previous experience in Solar Array Design gives him a unique edge to understand customer's problems and help them efficiently.


Bryan Parrish

Bryan Parrish is Tron's front office associate. Bryan is responsible for human resource activities, processing customer contracts and more. His experience in accounting also lends him a unique edge for making sure our customers financial reports are perfect.

David Procopio

David Procopio is the System Designer at Tron Solar.  He's responsible for structural design, support, and ensuring our systems are up to code. David graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with an engineering degree.

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