Lester Gray
Arnel Catic
Andy Beckett
Director of Sales
Landen Meyers
Project Manager
Ricky Lelito
Nathan Williams
Lester Gray
Arnel Catic

Lester Gray, CEO

Lester Gray is the Chief Executive Officer at Tron Solar. He oversees all business strategy -- including product management, operations, installations, sales and vision of the company. Lester has been in Professional sales for 14 years and started in the solar industry in 2013 in San Diego.  He helped produce $20 million in revenue in two years before moving to Utah to start a full in-housed solar installation company that turned into a multi-million dollar business. In 2018, he moved to Illinois and founded Tron Solar, which has quickly grown to one of the largest solar energy companies in Illinois. Lester graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Professional Sales from Weber State and also has work experience in digital marketing and advertising.

Arnel Catic, COO

Arnel Catic is the Chief Operations Officer at Tron Solar. As COO Arnel is responsible for the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the company. His decade long operations experience includes VP of Operations at GCE Solar, Director of Operations at Supps4us.com and Operations Management Trainee at Thomas Cuisine Management. His experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering strategic operations services and solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth. Arnel holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Boise State University and speaks 4 languages fluently.

Andy Beckett, Director of Sales

Andy Beckett is the Director of Sales at Tron Solar and is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all sales functions in the company. Andy studied a short time at Stanford University until finishing his degree in Political Science and Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago. Andy has 15 years experience in sales and enjoys playing pickle ball.

Landen Meyers, Project Manager

Landen Myers is the Project Coordinator at Tron Solar. Overseeing all installation projects in place for our customers, Landen ensures the customer has a smooth and seamless process going solar. He studied Sports Management at the University of Cincinnati and Business and Commerce at The University of Ohio State.

Nathan Williams, Proposal Specialist

Nathan Williams is the Design Manager at Tron Solar. Nathan is responsible for leading all solar panel design projects for residential and commercial properties. Nathan is an immigrant from Uganda and has experience in sales and project management.

Ricky Lelito, Director of Marketing

Ricky Lelito is the Director of Marketing at Tron Solar. Ricky oversees brand growth & development, marketing, digital media and advertising. Ricky formerly worked in Product Management for Bosch Power Tools and Marketing for Culligan. He also has experience in digital marketing and consulting. He graduated in 2018 from Marquette University with a Bachelor's in Marketing. 
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What People Are Saying...

John Deram says:

"Even in the most recent month, watching my power bill get cut by 65% just for that month makes me only go, 'Can't wait for June, July and August when you get a full day of sun....'"

John Grospe says:

"I gave you 10/10 for your service. My wife is very happy and already calling friends giving a good word about solar. Thank you again!" 
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