Solar Energy: What You Need To Know

Solar Savings & How It Works

The State of Illinois has passed historical legislation called the 'Future Energy Jobs Act' and the 'Illinois Shines' program. Learn how these new legislations and programs allow homeowners to get paid by ComEd and the Federal Government to convert to solar energy.

Residential Solar Energy

Thousands of home have already gone solar in Illinois. How exactly does this work, how can you get a design and what does going solar look like for your home?

Federal & ComEd Incentives

The Federal Government and ComEd are paying homeowners and commercial properties to convert to solar. What are the incentives and how much money do you get?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

See our most Frequently Asked Questions and get yours answered!
How Does Going Solar Effect Your ComEd Bill?
✔︎ The State of Illinois and ComEd will PAY you to go solar

✔︎ You get to exchange the majority of your ever-increasing power bill for a FIXED monthly payment toward your solar panel system

✔︎ Once your system is paid off, you'll have the opportunity to OWN your energy and stop paying a power bill completely

✔︎ It's $0 money down! No up-front costs!

✔︎ You get to save thousands of dollars by saying NO to ComEd and taking back control of your energy

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What People Are Saying...

John Deram says:

"Even in the most recent month, watching my power bill get cut by 65% just for that month makes me only go, 'Can't wait for June, July and August when you get a full day of sun....'"

John Grospe says:

"I gave you 10/10 for your service. My wife is very happy and already calling friends giving a good word about solar. Thank you again!" 
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