U.S. Solar Jobs Boom In Past Year

3 min read

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As most states are setting goals of 100% renewable energy production within the next 20 to 50 years, solar employment and job creation continues to boom alongside projections.

The Solar Energy Industries Association and The National Solar Jobs Census 2019 reported that in the U.S., the solar industry had a record year in employment and job creation with an increase of 40% and over 250,000 jobs over the last decade.


Renewable energy has seen tremendous growth on a global scale as well over the last decade. Over 11.5 million solar industry jobs have been created, seeing a near 10% growth YTD, according to The Environmental and Energy Institute.


Tron Solar has generated 18 new hires during the recent pandemic and continues to grow over time at a consistent hire-rate.  We want to not only create jobs, but provide homeowners with energy savings and environmental benefits by utilizing solar.


Interested in starting a career in renewable energy? Contact Tron at www.tron.solar to explore available opportunities!

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