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ComEd customers are in for higher rates and bigger spending:

"There's really no sign of rates slowing down for customers of ComEd. 
Rates have been on the rise since January of 2016. 

In fact, customers are paying a full 13.5% more than they were back then. Another thing to keep in mind is that ComEd was given the right to adjust its rates to pay for grid updates costing $2.6 billion. 

That means that customers will continue to be on the hook for the cost of infrastructure improvements for quite some time. In addition, regional power-grid administrators are likely to continue to charge ComEd high rates in an attempt to buffer against a glut of natural gas in the market. 

Forecasters are also seeing a general rise in the costs of oil and gas as we head into fall" - (Chicago Tribune).
How Does Going Solar Effect Your ComEd Bill?
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John Deram says:

"Even in the most recent month, watching my power bill get cut by 65% just for that month makes me only go, 'Can't wait for June, July and August when you get a full day of sun....'"

John Grospe says:

"I gave you 10/10 for your service. My wife is very happy and already calling friends giving a good word about solar. Thank you again!" 
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