How To Understand Your Utility Bill Now That You Have Solar:

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After going solar, you may still have some questions when you receive your utility bill. We’ve put together a guide for our customers to help you better understand the numbers associated with your ComEd Bills.


1.) Explaining the ComEd Bill:


The “Total Usage” section on the front page of your bill only reflects the total consumption from ComEd, it does not take into consideration the additional usage from your solar system. 

Above is a sample of the “Total Usage” section taken from one of our customer’s ComEd bills. In June, the total usage was reported as being 655 kWh from ComEd. This means that in addition to any usage from the solar system, this customer also used 655 kWh of energy from ComEd. This is quite normal, especially because the home will pull energy from the grid at night when the solar system isn’t producing. 

2.) Net Metering Credits


ComEd will also show how much excess energy your system is producing and sent back out to the grid. This is called Net Metering Credits. 

The “Meter Information” section on the back of the bill demonstrates the same usage we see on the front, 655 kWh. Below that number, is the excess energy your solar system produced in that same month, here we see 708 kWh. 

The “rollover” or credits earned for this month is located in the “Miscellaneous” section of the ComEd bill which equals the amount of excess energy minus the consumption for that month. We can see here that this customer has accumulated 367kWh of credits for June. 

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